Pathways to impact 

Three years ago, CIFOR embarked on a daring effort to reinvent its communications programme. Backed by the Board, and leveraging an increased budget and a reputation for independent cutting-edge research, the Center’s communications team retrained, retooled and relaunched a programme that has produced startling results and has become a focus of research organisations globally. At the core is CIFOR’s knowledge-sharing model that provides clear, dynamic and measurable pathways to impact for research results. It is web-centric and combines contemporary social media tools with traditional outreach channels.

Message from the Director General

Frances Seymour

In 2011, the UN-designated International Year of Forests shone a spotlight on the actions needed to promote more sustainable management of forests. CIFOR had much to celebrate in this regard – as we outline in this annual report.

Message from the Chair of the Board

Prof. M. Hosny El Lakany

It is fitting that the CGIAR Research Programme Forests, Trees and Agroforestry kicked off in 2011, the International Year of Forests. The ground-breaking initiative is set to contribute to the sustainable management of tropical forests while improving the livelihoods...